What is coaching?

Coaching is very different to other similar talking professions like consulting and counselling. With consulting, the consultant is the expert and their job is to ascertain what the problem is, and so provide a solution. With counselling, again, the counsellor is the expert, however, the focus is about addressing issues from the past, not focusing on the present and future. The thing about coaching is that:

  • The coaching relationship is a partnership. The coach and coachee are equals.
  • Coaching is client-centred. The agenda is yours, the goals are yours, and from this ownership comes responsibility and accountability.
  • You, the client, are the expert. You know your journey and your comfort zone. My job is to widen your comfort zone, and get you used to stepping out of it, to grow and become the person you were meant to be.
  • You, the client generates your own solutions. The coach isn’t the fixer.

The outcomes of coaching is that you are able to unlock your true potential. With Techy Coaching, the focus in on helping you identify what techy stuff your business needs and developing goals and an action plan to deal with them.

The benefits of coaching

Clarity – gain clarity of what you values are and your true life purpose. When the two are aligned, you feel that your life and your business is on the right track. You can focus your energy on what is essential to you and your goals become clearer. The outcome is that you begin to feel more fulfilled as a person. That is what I personally gained, and continue to gain, from being coached.

Growth – you’re used to doing things a certain way, and that probably works for you, however, when you step outside of your comfort zone, then you start to challenge yourself to do, and be, more. However, stepping outside your comfort zone can be stressful and scary, unless you have the support to do so. This is really noticeable when it comes to techy stuff.

Change – As you grow, so you change. One of the core tenets of coaching is that transformation should take place.

Accountability – one of the reasons I still work with my life and business coaches is the accountability that comes with it. I choose my agenda and the goals we work on, we set different milestones and I am accountable to myself and my coaches for the work I do between sessions.

Focus – as you learn what your values are, and what motivates you, then decisions become easier to make. You focus on what’s important, and stop faffing around, being busy but not making progress.

Boundaries – one of my biggest breakthroughs as a coachee was to develop a rule book for me. By being clear on what you accept from other people in terms of their behaviour and what they say of you and to you, you learn what to say “no” to. That rule book also applies to yourself and your business. When you treat yourself with more compassion, and care, then the inner-voice that tells you you’re not good enough, brave enough etc, becomes quietened.

My journey as a coach

In April 2015, I completed a Career Coaching course with The Positive Success Group. However, I realised that to truly be successful as a coach, I actually needed to learn how to be a coach!

With this in mind, in July 2015 I started the Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching and I graduated in December 2015. As part of the Diploma, I have completed loads of assignments and started my journey as a coach, first by being coached by a professional coach myself (Sarah McCandliss of LifeSparkle.ie – highly recommended), then by my peers on the course, then we started to practice coaching, both with our peers, then pro bono clients.

I can honestly say that the course was life changing. Not only have I been able to clarify my life purpose and identify my values, I’ve been able to align the two, and also find my passion.

My approach to coaching

My approach to coaching is a co-active, values-based approach, where the you, the client, are resourceful, creative and whole. I’m not going to fix you, because you aren’t broken.

The aim of my coaching is to use a goal-centred approach to moving you towards becoming more confident in your techy skills, so that you can grow your business online.

Imagine what you could achieve if you were clear on your life’s purpose, your values, your goals and that your business reflected this.

Imagine if you could focus all your energy on your achieving your goals and your confidence builds to the point where those big dreams move from being unreachable to being within your grasp.

My purpose as a coach

My purpose as a coach is to coach people to achieve their true potential. For some business owners, that means overcoming their fears and self-limiting beliefs around the techy stuff. Like anything in life, when you understand the basics, and practice, then it becomes easier.

The benefits to my clients include:

  • An online business that is fully integrated. I’ve identified the key online tools that you need to get your business up and running.
  • Confidence that you’ll be able to manage everything when the programme ends.
  • Spending less time setting things up, so you can spend your time building up your business.
  • Spending less money. I know what you need and I’m clear on my pricing. Because your business is up and running quickly, you can start earning money sooner, and aren’t wasting your time unnecessarily troubleshooting techy issues..

Work with Karen

If you’d like to work with me, and start taking the first steps to getting your business online, then get in touch or book your free 30 minute skype call.

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