What is Techie Coaching?

Techie Coaching is where I use my Life Coaching skills and apply them to the field of IT Training.

With IT Training, I’m just teaching you what to do.

With Techie Coaching, we’re looking at how your life purpose, values, self-limiting beliefs and boundaries are aligned with 21st century technology.

Let’s face it. Technology is all around us, but for some heart-centred people, it can scare the bejesus out of them!

However, what you forget is that technology started as basic tasks. Let’s take Microsoft Office as an example:

  • Word was once a typewriter
  • Excel was the accounting ledger
  • Outlook was your diary, address book, in-tray/out-tray/to-do, filofax, rolodex etc
  • PowerPoint presentations started out as image boards, flipcharts, slide projectors and overhead projectors
  • Access was the filing cabinet
  • Files were just that!

Once you break down what software does into it’s original components, it becomes much less scary and suddenly makes more sense.

I’ve created 3 different coaching packages for you. Take a look below, and if you’d like a package tailored for you, then give me a shout.

Once you’ve got your business set up, you may also want to consider increasing it’s visibility. Pop along to my visibility coaching page to check it out.

Your Techie Coaching Options

By Your Side

You do the work, with me by your side, showing you how.
  • 15 hours 1:1 support over 6 months, either as Skype calls or VIP days, or a mix of both
  • NB: If you choose the VIP day option, then this is in my office in Longford and lunch at a local restaurant is included.
  • Email support between coaching calls. You won’t get frustrated, you’ll get help!
  • Techy support during the period of the programme. Doesn’t that sound comforting?
  • Access to a special Facebook group where you can share your ups and downs in a safe environment
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Create your own programme

Create a package tailored to your needs
  • Step 1 – Choose the applications that you want to work on
  • Step 2 – Choose your level of support. Do you wantme to set things up, or want me to talk you through it yourself.
  • Step 3 – Choose your support options. Do you want to meet me up for an hour or a day, or shall we work via Skype. How many hours do you want to include?
  • Step 4 – Choose how long you want to work with me. Whether it’s just one session or several over a period of some months. You choose. You can even pay as you go.
  • Note: You’ll still have access to me via email, text or messenger
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