When I work with clients, one of the first things that I do is to analyse their business, so that I can figure out which social media channels would suit their business, given that they don’t have infinite time or money. Understanding the key features of each channel will help you understand your choices.


As a person, you are probably one of the 1.71 billion users worldwide. For this reason alone, I would recommend both having a personal account and a business page.

If your business sells directly to customers, then you can join groups where your customers hang out.


When you look at the statistics, YouTube is actually the second biggest social media channel (and may even overtake Facebook in terms of unique visitors). Why? People love videos. You can create video tutorials, save your Facebook live videos to YouTube and so much more.

Of note is that YouTube is owned by Google.


The third largest social media channel is actually Instagram and one interesting statistic I found is that 68% of users engage with brands regularly on Instagram (source). Personally, I don’t use Instagram, and it’s something I’ll need to look into much more, but from I can can see, both product and service based organisations can increase brand awareness using Instagram.

Of note is that 90% of Instagram users are under 35 (source), so if this is your target demographic, then you should consider setting up an account, if you haven’t done so.

Of note is that Instagram is owned by Facebook.


Twitter is the fourth largest social media channel, and whether your business is B2B or B2C, then you’ll find it useful. One of the reasons that I love Twitter is the different twitter chat sessions, where you can actively engage with other people in real time.

The other thing I like, is that many large companies use it as a customer service option. If you want something sorted out, tweet the company!

Of note is that Twitter continues to struggle financially, so who knows how long it will be around.


Another favourite channel of mine is LinkedIn, perhaps because it appeals to the professional in me, however it only ranks 11th in terms of monthly visitors.

If you business is other businesses or high-end client, then LinkedIn is a must. Networking on LinkedIn is like working the boardroom. The people on there are higher earners and you can build a network of influential connections in a way that you can’t on other social media channels.


Personally, I have a Google+ account, but have never really gotten on with it. However, some people love it and make great use of it.

It’s a must-have simply because it’s Google!


I love Pinterest and find it very addictive, however, in terms of monthly visitors, it ranks 12th amongst the other social media channels.

What Pinterest is good at is for sharing/sourcing food, fashion, funny images and quotes. However, what is interesting about Pinterest is the staying power of the pins. When I look at my Facebook or Twitter feed, it’s hard to find anything that isn’t recent, however, with Pinterest, things are different. Create an image with a quote and your brand name and watch how it’s still being circulated months later (source).

Which social media channel?

The social media channels you choose will depend on you. We all have our favourites, however, using applications like Hootsuite and Buffer means that you can share the same content to different channels at different times.

Just remember what each channel is for. I found this on Pinterest:

which social media channels

I hope you found this useful.

Take care for now

Karen x

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