Techie Coaching for Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs

I’m Karen Brown, ex-nurse, IT Trainer and  Life Coach.

As a techie, I can set up your online business for you. From your website and social media accounts, to your email marketing package, I can set up your accounts, configure them and integrate everything, so that you don’t have to.

I build all my websites using Godaddy hosting, WordPress and the Divi theme, to create beautiful, mobile-responsive websites. All my website clients get lifetime access to the Divi theme, saving them $89 per year.

The Divi theme can also create wonderful landing pages, connecting to your MailChimp and Aweber accounts. I stopped using LeadPages, saving me $25 per month.

As an IT Trainer, I can teach you how to manage your business online and increase it’s visibility through:

  • personal branding
  • content strategy 
  • search engine optimisation
  • social media strategy

We will work together to identify your ideal client, where they hang out and how you can get to know them better.

As a Life Coach, I can help you tackle those horrible self-limiting beliefs that you have around tech stuff, to move to a more positive mindset around the software that you use in your business.

As a declutterer, I can help you cut the time-wasters in your business, getting more productive with the time you have, so that you can start having a life outside your business.

Free Help and Support Available

My Techie Coaching Packages

By Your Side

Techie training and support
  • 15 hours 1:1 support over 6 months, either as Skype calls or VIP days, or a mix of both
  • NB: If you choose the VIP day option, then this is in my office in Longford and lunch at a local restaurant is included.
  • Email support between coaching calls. You won’t get frustrated, you’ll get help!
  • Techy support during the period of the programme. Doesn’t that sound comforting?
  • Access to a special Facebook group where you can share your ups and downs in a safe environment
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Create your own programme

Create a package tailored to your needs
  • Step 1 – Choose the applications that you want to work on
  • Step 2 – Choose your level of support. Do you wantme to set things up, or want me to talk you through it yourself.
  • Step 3 – Choose your support options. Do you want to meet me up for an hour or a day, or shall we work via Skype. How many hours do you want to include?
  • Step 4 – Choose how long you want to work with me. Whether it’s just one session or several over a period of some months. You choose. You can even pay as you go.
  • Note: You’ll still have access to me via email, text or messenger
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Books by Karen Brown

I’ve written and self-published a number of books via Amazon. I was also commissioned to write a book by BookBoon.

Featured Articles

I’ve published over 100 articles on a range of topics. These are just a sample.

How do you define success?

As part of my coaching course, one of my essays was to define success. In my research, I found there were the usual dictionary definitions: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame the correct or desired result...

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10 Benefits of decluttering

In the last couple of days, we've looked at what clutter is and why it's important to declutter. Today we're going to be a bit more positive and think about the benefits of decluttering. Here are my 10 benefits of decluttering: You're getting rid of rubbish. In...

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