Did you know that more and more people are viewing websites from their mobile phone or tablets?

  • 80% of internet users have mobile phones
  • over 50% of web traffic occurs via a mobile phone
  • most people access their social media via mobile phone
  • only 56% of sme websites are mobile-friendly


The thing is, when you view a website via mobile phone, then a non-mobile friendly website looks exactly the same as it would on a desktop, except the text and navigation are in much smaller font, as the viewing screen is smaller. This creates a negative experience for users, and may lead them to go to your competitors website, where they have less trouble finding what they want.

The other thing to remember about users, is that when they visit your website via a mobile phone, they tend to prefer images and videos. Think of the social media platforms that have in-build video creation such as Facebook and now Twitter. For a long time, you could only use Facebook live via mobile phone application versions of the website.

Is your website mobile friendly?


Google will happily tell you if your website is or isn’t for free! Just go to this web page and enter the domain name for your website. For example the domain name for this website is coachkarenbrown.com.

Thankfully, this website is mobile friendly.

How can you make your website mobile friendly?

The quickest and best way to make your website mobile friendly is to use a responsive WordPress theme for your website. For this reason, I bought the developer rights to the WordPress themes of:

All the themes from these companies are web responsive, and take the same content from WordPress, but display it in the format appropriate the the device being used. All websites built by me, and any website makeovers are mobile friendly.

If you’re website turns out to be non-responsive across different devices, and it is a self-hosted WordPress website, then speak to me about a website makeover.