I was on the phone with a prospective client, and their biggest problem was that they struggled to find time to post to social media. As a result of this, they posted:

  • mainly to their Facebook page
  • occasionally to their Twitter account
  • rarely to LinkedIn

The thing is that they posted to each account separately, which took an awful lot of their time.

So I introduced her to social media schedulers.

What is a social media scheduler?

A social media scheduler allows you to schedule your social media posts ahead of time. Imagine creating one post that is then shared across a range of platforms.

How a social media scheduler can save you time

Social media schedulers allow you to add a post and then the scheduler posts it across different social media channels. This has six main advantages:

  • You can load your scheduler once a week/month.
  • There is a constant stream of content for your followers.
  • You can schedule things when you’re asleep (for people in different time zones) and when you’re on holiday.
  • You’re always visible.
  • You can focus your energies on developing relationships in groups.
  • You can focus your energy on sales.

Using Buffer

The social media scheduler that I use is Buffer. This has allowed me to:

  • add my different social media platforms. Bufferapp currently posts to Facebook profiles, pages and groups (although there are problems with this), Twitter, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Google+ profile and pages, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • set up the best time to post to each platform, based on the traffic received by each platform
  • add one post and post it across different platforms

The downside with Buffer is that you are simply broadcasting your content, and not actually engaging with users. So what I tend to do is schedule posts, so that there is a continuous stream of content, but use groups in Facebook and chats in Twitter to actually engage with other users and build up relationships with them.

Buffer v Hootsuite

The main difference between Buffer and Hootsuite is that:

  • Buffer is a content publishing platform
  • Hootsuite is a social media management tool

For this reason, Hootsuite has many more features than Buffer. As they both can be used in different ways, I like to have accounts with both of them.

For more information on the differences between Buffer and Hootsuite, read this article.