My Freebies

Over the years, I’ve developed a range of free report, offers and challenges.

My Facebook Techie Q&A group is free to join.

Post a question about WordPress, social media and email marketing, and I’ll try and find out an answer for you you.

I’m also live to answer your questions, live, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

My visibility challenge is a 5 day coaching and training course that aims tobuild your confidence doing Facebook lives.

Facebook lives are a great way to build your audience, however, many people, myself included have a massive fear of doing live videos.

This challenge has helped many people take baby steps to go live and let their audience get to know them.

I build my own website, set up my social media accounts and email marketing auto responder. 

This free report goes through 12 different tools that I used to set up my online presence.

I started my first business many years ago, and I’ve made a LOT of mistakes along the way. 

Get my free report on 12 of the mistakes I made, and save yourself time and money avoiding them.