If you want to market your business online, then these days, using Facebook for social media marketing is a must. However, it can be really confusing as to how you can do this. Facebook itself is made up of three separate areas, (Facebook profiles, pages and groups) and each area can be used in a different way. This post will explain what those three areas are, and how they can be used to market your business.

Personally, I like to think of each one as a door.

  • With your home (profile), the person needs to be a friend to be invited in your home.
  • With your business (page), the person just has to express a like to be invited into your shop or office.
  • With a meeting (group), some you can walk into, some you have to be invited into and some you have to request to join.

Facebook profiles

Usually, when you create a Facebook account, you create a Facebook profile for yourself. This area is about you as a person, and the information that Facebook would like to know about you is personal for example:

  • your date of birth
  • your gender
  • where you live
  • where you work

With a Facebook profile, you connect with people that you know, and these are shown  as your friends. Think of our Facebook profile as you, at home. When someone sends a friend-request, they are essentially knocking on the door to your home.

Facebook pages

A Facebook page is essentially your businesses presence on Facebook, and this is reflected in the type of information that Facebook requests:

  • your business address
  • the type of business you have
  • your opening hours.

With a Facebook page, people choose to like your page and in doing so, give permission for Facebook to post some of your content on their personal timeline.

Think of your Facebook page as your Facebook office.

Now sometimes, in business, you get to now people so well they actually become your friends, and then happens on Facebook to. You find that sometimes, in the same way you invite colleagues to your home for coffee or a meal, so you invite people that you know from a business context to be your friend on Facebook.

Facebook groups

There are loads of different groups on Facebook, and you can join join up to 300 of them. There are 3 types:

  • public – anyone can see the group, it’s members and view the posts. It’s like a public meeting such as a political rally.
  • closed – similar to public groups, however, only group members can see what’s posted.
  • secret – only members can find the group and see what’s posted.

The thing about groups is that you have to join them.

Using Facebook for marketing

When you use Facebook for marketing, then think in terms of the sales funnel:

  • Facebook pages enable your business to be found online.
  • Facebook groups allow you to develop a closer relationship to the members of the group. Groups are where you can build your own tribe of followers.

For this reason, coaches, consultants, therapists and other service based businesses use Facebook pages and Facebook groups in tandem, to grow their business.

I know of some coaches with Facebook groups made up of thousands of people. They spend 90% of the time building relationships with the people in that group and just 10% talking about themselves. These groups are effective because the group owners actively listen to what their tribe wants, and then develop products or packages that meet that need. When they post about it, the group already know and trust that person, and so there is no sales pitch needed.

If you would like help setting up a Facebook page or group, then give me a shout. I can do it for you, or we can work together via Skype. We can also work together on strategies that you can use to build your tribe on Facebook.

Take care for now.

Karen x.