Are you a coach, consultant or therapist running your business online?

Do you feel:

  • overwhelmed when it comes to the techy stuff?
  • unsure of what to do, because you’re not even sure where to start?
  • frustrated because even if you did know what you needed, it would take you ages to get started?
  • like hiding in the corner and having a good cry because you’re a good coach, but this feels too hard?
  • you’re running around in circles but getting nowhere quick? You need to be making money, now!

You’re really capable in other aspects of your life, but for some reason, when it comes to technology, you just don’t believe that you can do it.

So what would happen if you someone could come along and be by your side as you navigated the techy stuff?

And what would happen if you could start overcoming those horrible self-limiting beliefs around technology and became confident using the online techy applications that would make your business run so smoothly?

And finally, what if everything were set up and you could actually focus your energy on doing the things you want to do:

  • working with clients
  • growing your business
  • having time for yourself.

All whilst being coached on the techy stuff, by someone who doesn’t use techy language, who won’t patronise you, and who gets that tech can be scary.

This is where I come in.

How do I help?

I’m a Life and Executive Coach myself, but I’ve worked around computers pretty much all my working life.

  • I’ve been training people who are uncomfortable with techy stuff since 2000.
  • I qualified as a Microsoft Master Instructor in 2003.
  • I was a systems administrator on some of the healthcare systems I worked with in the NHS, working on the helpdesk at times.
  • I’ve set everything up for my own business myself – from my website upwards, so I know what you need.
  • I’m happy learning new things and don’t get phased by technology.
  • I published my first book in 2012.
  • I published my first online courses on Udemy in 2014.
  • As a Life Coach not only do I fully understand exactly what you do and don’t need, but I also speak your language!

What would take you weeks, possibly months, would take me a few days. One of the reasons for this is that I’ve already identified which tools you need to use, and already use most of them myself. This means that I can help you get your business up and running quickly.

About my “Create your own” techie coaching programme

Create your own personal techie coaching package!

It’s simple. Follow the 4 steps below:

Choose which application/s you want to work on. 

  • WordPress website
  • MailChimp or Aweber
  • Facebook pages or groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn profile, page and groups
  • Google analytics, business and webmaster tools
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Other applications on request

Choose whether you want me to do the work or whether you want side by side 1:1 training, or a combination of both. I set things up and then teach you how to manage them.

Choose the type of support you’d like:

  • training in person in my office in Longford
  • VIP days in Longford 
  • training via Skype.

Choose how much support you want and over what period of time.

What you’ll also get

I qualified as a Life Coach in December 2015, and since then I’ve set up all the tools that I need to make my business work for me, not the other way round. Regardless of which options you choose and for how long you want to work with me, you’ll get

  • Email support during the period that we work together. You won’t get frustrated, you’ll get help!
  • Techy support during the period of the programme. Doesn’t that sound comforting?
  • Access to a special Facebook group where you can share your ups and downs in a safe environment

Over the time that we work together, we’ll:

  • review everything that you have set up so far
  • review your client profile and make sure what you have set up enables them to find you
  • review what actions you are taking to grow your online business
  • identify which techy skills you want to work on
  • set clear goals of what you want to achieve between calls
  • develop a plan of action that will enable you to get it done, knowing that you have support in the background.

    The Benefits of this programme

    You choose what you want to work on, when you want to work on it. Some things you get done for you, some you’ll work on with support.