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Wife, Mother, CarerLife CoachNurseTechyDecluttererGoal Setter

My life’s purpose has always been to help people.

I now specialise in helping newly qualified coaches take their businesses online, by using a range of tools to help make their businesses run smoothly and their lives easier. This enables them to focus on what they want to do: get clients and build their business!

Wife, Mother, Carer

My family is really important to me, and so I work around them.

I’m married with one child. For me, life really did begin at 40! It took a long time, several miscarriage and our little girl Emma, who was stillborn, before our little boy arrived safely. He is my why. Why I get up in the morning and why I keep my business home-based. I work around his needs, so when you book time with me, it’ll be when he’s at school or when homework, dinner etc is done. If I arrange time away from home, it’s because my husband is available to look after him. I’ll outsource some things, but childcare isn’t one of them.

One of the reasons my family is at the heart of every decision I make is because I’ve lost so many family members. My sister passed away suddenly 8 years again and my mum passed away, also unexpectedly, 2 years ago. When she passed away, I kind of inherited my dad. Initially, he moved over to Ireland to live close to us, however, as his health has failed, he now lives with us. It can be challenging juggling school runs, and hospital appointments, but we make it work.

Apparently, I’m part of the sandwich generation, being both parent and carer at the same time.

Life Coach

I qualified as a Life and Executive Coach in December 2015. It was an incredible journey in which I learned an awful lot about myself:

  • my life purpose – to help others to achieve their true potential
  • my core values – family, compassion and fairness, creativity and innovation, professionalism, independence and colour
  • my definition of success – being able to do the things that bring me joy
  • my boundaries and tolerances – working with my own life coach, I created a rule book for me. Rule 1: family comes first.

It was on this course that I realised that I’m an independent spirit, and that I wanted to create a business that allows people to learn at their own pace, and in their own time.


I qualified as a nurse in 1994, and worked in both the hospital and community environment. However, I found my niche when I started teaching nurses how to use complex computer systems used to record patient data.

I was able to develop courses and user guides that were used several years after I left the organisation.

I stopped renewing my registration as a nurse in 2006.


I’ve been working with computers since I left school. My father was a programmer and my husband is able to build computers from scratch.

In relation to IT Training:

  • I’ve been training people who are uncomfortable with techy stuff since 2000.
  • I qualified as a Microsoft Master Instructor in 2003.
  • I’ve been a systems administrator on some of the healthcare systems I worked with in the NHS.
  • I’ve worked on a busy helpdesk in the NHS and Local Council.

In relation to online business applications:

  • I’ve set up all my online applications myself – from my website upwards.
  • I’m happy learning new things and don’t get phased by technology.
  • I published my first book on Amazon in 2012.
  • I published my first online courses on Udemy in 2014.


I read two books during my Life Coaching course that have heavily influenced me:

My philosophy is that when you have less, there is less to manage, so you have more time to focus on becoming the person that you were meant to be.

Goal setter

Another consequence of my Life Coaching course is that I’m much more of a goal setter. However, instead of setting SMART goals, I try to be a SMART ARSE! In addition to the usual Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound, I have found that goals are more likely to be accomplished with:

  • Accountability – I still work with my own Life Coach, and also have a Business Coach.
  • Reward – For me there has to be a carrot, some sort of reward for my hard work. Spa days work well!
  • Support – I can’t move forward without knowing that my family are taken care of. I need their support to do what I do.
  • Energy – I recognise that at the beginning of any project, I start off running and then tire. Life is a marathon, not a sprint and so to get where I want to be, I need to manage my energy levels along the way, getting sleep as well as exercise.

In January 2016, I set myself 100 goals to achieve during the year and each month I review where I am in relation to those goals. So far this year I have:

  • been on a Caribbean cruise
  • been to 9 shows
  • saw Chris Hadfield and Angela Lansbury live
  • attended a TEDx event
  • seen 15 movies
  • been zip-lining, ice-skating, swam with a sea lion, had an encounter with meerkats and had so much fun with my son
  • enjoyed a 7 course taster menu from a fabulous local restaurant
  • taken part in two radio shows
  • applied to take part on a tv show
  • got a stand up banner for my business
  • signed up for stands at two events
  • been asked by the local networking group to provide education slots
  • been asked to do several WordPress websites for other people
  • worked with international clients
  • wrote and published a book
  • developed my own daily planner

It’s a lot when you look at it, however, I’ve done it whilst caring for my family and developing my business.

Putting it together, I use the different skills that I’ve developed to help my clients get more from life, whilst building up their own online coaching business.

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